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Sree Informatics is an IT company which is located in Visakhapatnam, Andhra Pradesh, with a background experience of 18+ Years in software development solutions. The main objective of the company is to create user friendly and efficient applications. We organize a well-planned structure as per industry standards to complete the projects in the specified time. With a client base of around 75 in which most of them are the repeat clients, Sree Informatics aims at complete customer satisfaction with obviously low price for the work.















Why Is It Exclusive

  •   Enter interview marks.
  •   Publish final press release post interview.
  •   Estimation of wait listed candidates.
  •   Category wise % of seats.
  •   Validate date of birth of cadets.
  •   Daily registrations report.
  •   Received applications list RL No. wise.
  •   Fill applications received list.
  •   Hall ticket wise marks list.
  •   center wise category list.
  •   DD list to bank.
  •   printing of cadets addresses on envelope covers.
  •   Rejected applications list.
  •   Center wise hall ticket list.
  •   Verification of non domicile candidates.
  •   Absentees list.
  •   Joining instructions.
  •   Generate admission checklist.
  •   House allotment.
  •   Generate school No.
  •   Admission status as per % of seats.
  •   Scholarship (self domicile) based on entrance examination.
  •   Merit / Defence / Income.
  •   Scholarships (other states) based on entrance examination merit / defence.
  •   Admission DD list.
  •   Admissions reports.
  •   Generate TC.
  •   Preparation of exam schedule.
  •   Teacher information.
  •   Activity identification.
  •   Indicators definition.
  •   Grade definition.
  •   Term marks.
  •   Student wise marks along with overall grade display.
  •   Co-scholastic activity assignment.
  •   Co-scholastic area (part-2 & 3).
  •   Student attendance.
  •   Grades up gradation.
  •   Self Awareness.
  •   Term –I and Term End marks.
  •   Traits and Activities.
  •   Principal Grace Mark’s estimation.
  •   Co-scholastics Reports.
  •   Progress sheet generation for class X.
  •   Progress Sheet Generation for Class XI & XII.
  •   Consolidated Marks for XI.
  •   Consolidated Marks with Tot Marks, 50%, 100% for VI-X.
  •   Ist Term Progress Sheet Printing.
  •   Cadet performance graphs.
  •   Book information.
  •   Assigning of unique ISBN for a book.
  •   Book issue to boy or staff.
  •   Book returns from boy or staff.
  •   Daily or monthly outstanding of books with boys or staff.
  •   Fine calculation for late return.
  •   Assigning of unique ISBN for a book.
  •   Monthly news paper bills.
  •   OPAC.
  •   Barcode printing.
  •   Books ASTB.
  •   Groups & Ledgers.
  •   Fee Amounts.
  •   Definition of Scholarship Scheme for Gen / Def / SC / ST.
  •   Preparation of Merit S.Ship list .
  •   Other States Defence S.Ship list.
  •   Allotment of Free Education S.Ship based on State Govt.
  •   Budget Allotment.
  •   Full A, 75% B, Half C, 25% D, Full Fee cadets list.
  •   Day Scholar Fees 3rd Child.
  •   Advance follow up for Staff Advance.
  •   Issue of Pocket Money.
  •   Cheque Book Management with Alarms.
  •   Deletion of Vouchers.
  •   Daily Cash Book.
  •   Locking of Cash Book.
  •   Trial Balance, Income & Expenditure & Balance Sheet.
  •   Printing of Vouchers.
  •   Fee Defaulters list.
  •   Scholarship disbursement register.
  •   Pocket Money Register.
  •   Boys Statement to Parent.
  •   Pensions.
  •   Employee personal information.
  •   Employee official information.
  •   Allowances [monthly and standard].
  •   Deductions [monthly / standard].
  •   Implementation of pay commission.
  •   Profession tax slabs.
  •   NPS / GPF.
  •   Group insurance.
  •   Welfare loan.
  •   PF loan.
  •   Festival advance.
  •   LIC pay slip generation and printing.
  •   Pay bill.
  •   Pay Bill Summary.
  •   Allowances Summary.
  •   Recoveries Summary.
  •   Employee wise Allowances and Recoveries.
  •   Bank Pay Report.
  •   PF Contribution.
  •   Loan Schedules.
  •   Prof. Tax Report.
  •   Form V.
  •   Automates DRY ration.
  •   Fresh ration.
  •   Electrical.
  •   Stationary.
  •   Plumbing.
  •   General expandable & non-expandable.
  •   Clothing etc…stores.
  •   Generates demands.
  •   Receipt voucher(RV), Issue voucher(IV), Loan voucher.
  •   Contractors & contractors price list.
  •   Supply orders.
  •   Locks RV & IV after physical signature of documents.
  •   Item ledger.
  •   Item stock summary along with its value.
  •   Monthly, Quarterly & Annual stock taking board reports.
  •   Generates Demands to QM Section.
  •   Receipt of DRY & Fresh Ration to Mess.
  •   Daily PER CAPITA.
  •   Menu Preparation.
  •   Printing of Per Capita.
  •   Mess Items Ledger.
  •   Receipt of DRY & Fresh Ration to Mess.
  •   Mess Stock Summary with Value.
  •   Mess Stock Taking Board Reports.
  •   Daily raw material IV voucher to bakery.
  •   Finished product receipt.
  •   Finished product ledger.
  •   Bakery raw material balance.
  •   Printing of Per Capita.
  •   Bakery stock summary with value.
  •   Raw material Vs. finished product profit & loss.
  •   Offence master.
  •   Activity master.
  •   Punishment master.
  •   Punishment allotment.
  •   Group punishment.
  •   English practitioners.
  •   attendance.
  •   Quiz and vocabulary.
  •   Action recommended report.
  •   Class wise rankings.
  •   House wise rankings.
  •   Group punishment.
  •   Offence wise class / house rankings.
  •   Overall class / house rankings.
  •   Quiz vocabulary.
  •   Offence history.
  •   Pharmacy information.
  •   Medicine details.
  •   Daily IV to boys.
  •   Boys health cards with vaccinations.
  •   Admission register.
  •   Daily sick parade.
  •   Supply order to pharmacy.
  •   Spread sheet of all medicines for a month.
  •   In-patient register.
  •   Medicine ledger, statement with value.
  •   MSTB. QSTB. ASTB for sick bay.
  •   Vehicle master.
  •   Vehicle demand.
  •   POL demand.
  •   POL issue.
  •   Vehicle diary.
  •   Vehicle balance verify.
  •   Transport demand register.
  •   Kilometer card.
  •   Vehicle fuel ledger.
  •   Used to enter daily dock register and Principal will be able to know its status through software..
  •   Daily RL report.
  •   Daily DD list in case DD received from parent/ entrance exam.
  •   Letters received from society reports.

Our Clients

Sainik School

Sainik School

Sainik School

Sainik School

Sainik School

Sainik School

“These days it is not often that a software company goes beyond the extra mile to ensure a client's piece of mind and satisfaction. Your team took every measure that their service delivery was impeccable from start to conclusion of our requirements. ”


Gp Capt

“You and your team have been absolutely fantastic about turning things around. Not only have you met my requests for changes and transitioned into the routines seamlessly but you all have gone over and above my best expectations. It is truely your hard work and dedication that have turned this around. ”

S Majumder

Gp Capt

“ I hereby place on record my deep appreciation for “Team Sree Informatics” for the highly professional, trustworthy and prompt service that they have been rendering to Sainik School Korukonda in the form of “School Automation Software ”

P Ravi Kumar

Gp Capt

“The SSAS has been commissioned and has started functioning successfully by incorporating all the major aspects of academic and administartive functioning.”

Tarun Khare

Gp Capt